Tipitaka Abhidhamma Pitaka Contents[show] Abhidhamma Pitaka The various sources & make it available to the mankind (again) & in English for everyone. Note that, although no English translation of the “The Book of Pairs” Most of the abhidhamma pitaka has been translated by the PTS. Abhidhamma Pitaka, (Pali: “Basket of Special Doctrine” or “Further Doctrine”), Sanskrit Abhidharma Pitaka, the third—and historically the latest—of the three.

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Post as a guest Name. Click the link below to access the original Abhidhamma files in Pali language, the language spoken by Buddha. The second is Abhidhamma explanation, mainly by lists of synonyms as in the Dhammasangani.

The Abhidhamma Pitaka is the last of the three divisions of the Tipitaka. However, all of Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka hold it in high regard.

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This latter portion of the matika is then explained in the main body of the work. Most of the matter is psychological and logical; the fundamental doctrines mentioned or discussed are those already propounded in the suttas and, therefore, taken for granted. The topics dealt with in Abhidhamma books include ethicspsychology, and epistemology.


Unlike Enblish and Vinayathe seven Abhidhamma works are generally claimed to represent not the words of the Buddha himself but those of disciples and great scholars. Retrieved from ” https: It investigates these two composite factors of so-called being to help the understanding of things as they abhidhammq are. The Vibhanga Division or Classification [1] consists of 18 chapters, each dealing with a different topic. Is there an English translation of the Abhidhamma? If one were to read the Abhidhamma as a modern textbook on psychology, one would be disappointed.


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Abhidhamma Pitaka | Buddhist canon |

Thoughts are analyzed and classified chiefly from an ethical standpoint. Patthan Activations or Causes [1] deals with 24 conditions in relation to the matika: The composition of each type of consciousness is set forth in detail.

Just as Abhidhamma is heart of all teachings of Buddha, the book of ‘ Vibhanga’ The Book of Analysis can be considered as the core of all teachings, by knowing which all the teachings of Buddha can pitkaa known. There is a global non-profit initiative aiming at translating the whole Kangyur and Tengyur Abhidhamma is a part of Tengyur into modern languages – By mastering this abhidhajma, a general knowledge of Abhidhamma may easily be acquired.

The description of wbhidhamma that arise through the five sense-doors and the mind-door is extremely interesting. Please try again later. The Dhammasangani Summary of Dharma is a manual of ethics for monks. It deals with realities and a practical way of noble living, based on the experience of those who have understood and realized.

Bhavanga and Javana thought-moments, which are explained only in the Abhidhamma, and which have no parallel in modern psychology, are of special interest to a research student in psychology.

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The Dhatukatha Discussion of Elements [1] covers both the matika and various topics, mostly from the Vibhanga, relating them to the 5 aggregates, 12 bases and 18 elements. In preparing this translation, Buddhist Psychology by Mrs.


All mental states are enumerated. Help us improve this article! The Abhidhamma Pitaka is a detailed scholastic analysis and summary of the Buddha’s teachings in the Suttas. The first five books and part of the seventh of the Abhidhamma Pitaka have been translated ;itaka the Pali Text Societywhich offers an option to order them through their website.

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Therefore, the seven Abhidhamma works are generally claimed by scholars not to represent the words of the Buddha himself, but those of disciples and scholars. The commentary says the debates are between the Theravada and other schools, which it identifies in each case. For example, the first chapter deals with the five aggregates. As a matter of fact, it is not held even by the commentators to be the word of the Buddha in the same sense as the suttas.

Abhidhamma Pitaka

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Internet URLs are the best. Intricate points of the Dhamma are clarified. Note that, although no English translation of the “The Book of Pairs” Yamaka is mentioned in the above link, there is one.

According to the Cullavagga version of the Councils Chaps. A similar statement can be found on pages and It was not accepted as canonical by the Mahasanghika school [ dubious — discuss ] [2] [9] and several other schools [ dubious — discuss ]. Abhidhamma started out as elaboration of the suttas, [ dubious — discuss ] but later developed independent doctrines.