Analyzing Computer Security: A Threat / Vulnerability / Countermeasure Approach. Charles P. Pfleeger. Shari Lawrence Pfleeger. © |Prentice Hall |. Analyzing Computer Security is a fresh, modern, and relevant introduction to . Dr. Charles P. Pfleeger, an independent computer and information security. Analyzing Computer Security: A Threat/vulnerability/countermeasure Approach. By Charles P. Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger.

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Id recommend this book to any IT architect or specialist wishing to enter the field of security architectures, as well as to anyone who already has that title and wants a good quality reference book.

Pfleeger is an independent consultant with the Pfleeger Consulting Group, specializing in computer and information system security. Among his responsibilities are threat and vulnerability analysis, risk analysis, system security design and review, certification preparation, training, expert testimony and general security advice.

Pfleeger has lectured throughout the world and published numerous papers and books. Shari Lawrence Pfleeger is the Research Director for Dartmouth College’s Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, a consortium of leading ocmputer, national laboratories and nonprofit institutions dedicated to strengthening the U. She joined the I3P after serving for nine years as a senior researcher at the RAND Corporation, where she focused on software quality and cyber security.


Named repeatedly by the Journal of Systems and Software as one of the world’s top software engineering researchers, Shari is the author of more than one hundred articles and many books. Chronicle Volume 1 Inbunden.

Analyzing Computer Security: A Threat / Vulnerability / Countmeasure Approach

Legend Of Zelda, The: The Legend of Zelda: Skickas inom vardagar. Analyzing Computer Security is a fresh, modern, and relevant introduction to computer security.

Organized around todays key attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures, it helps you think critically and creatively about computer securityso you can prevent serious problems and mitigate those that still occur. Security in Computing, Analjzing Edition teach security the way modern security professionals approach it: Security in Computing Charles P Pfleeger.

Analyzing Computer Security : Shari Lawrence Pfleeger :

Software Engineering Shari Lawrence Pfleeger. Bloggat om Analyzing Computer Security: Security Blanket or Security Theater? How Dependent Are We on Computers?

What is Computer Security? Faulty or Incomplete Authentication Countermeasure: Strong Authentication Conclusion Recurring Thread: Program Flaw in Spacecraft Software Threat: Time-of-Check to Time-of-Use Vulnerability: Undocumented Access Point Ineffective Countermeasure: Penetrate and Patch Countermeasure: Identifying and Classifying Faults Countermeasure: Secure Software Design Elements Countermeasure: Secure Software Development Process Countermeasure: Defensive Programming Conclusion Recurring Thread: A Horse of a Different Color Attack: Hard to Detect and Characterize Countermeasure: Basic Security Principles Recurring Thread: The Keys to the Kingdom Attack: Data and Reputation Vulnerability: Weak Authentication Failed Countermeasure: Security Through Obscurity Countermeasure: Physical Access Control Countermeasure: Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing?


What are the Risks in the Analyzng

My Cup Runneth Over Attack: Destruction of Code and Data Vulnerability: