Artscapes attempts to show how the artificial landscape produced by artists in collaboration with architects and landscapers can alter the nature of a place. Artscapes: el arte como aproximación al paisaje contemporáneo. Front Cover. Luca Galofaro. Editorial Gustavo Gili, – Environment (Art) – pages. May 19, Artscape is a term that tries to sum up the idea of intervention in the landscape based on an artistic approach. In art, sculpture and music the.

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Learn more Transfer is a nonprofit organization which welcomes private or institutional donations to support the production and distribution of original, independent and high-quality architectural knowledge, addressed to a creative global audience. Followed by an open-ended sequence of public talks, discussions, presentations and exhibitions in the physical space and on the internet, the book An Atlas of Imagination describes the idea of montage as a form of productionpresenting a collection an atlas, an arscapes of found and worked images and texts.

Artscapes El Arte Como Aproximacion Al Paisaje Contemporaneo (Land & Scape)

Like in a galofari movie, the images—montages fold and unfold before our eyes, unbounded by either the associated concepts and meanings inherited in the images—origins they were built from, or the otherwise ubiquitous gravitational force. Like in an interesting scientific paper, the accompanying texts—quotes verbalize the images within a certain intellectual tradition, providing the context to bind the sum of parts into the coherent whole.


An Atlas of Imagination is not just another picturesque assemblage of pictures and words; is a higher- order montage in its own right. This means that they may be instrumental in the conscious production of architecture and knowledge on architecture. As independent end-documents in the form of gallery exhibits with layers printed on the overlaid argscapes of glass, the montages turn out to be real three-dimensional objects.

But from an architectural perspective, they are even more interesting as by-products documenting ideas around concrete architectural projects or the working models documenting certain critical moments in their production.

We are only on the way.

An Atlas of Imagination by Luca Galofaro

The most delightful thing about the book as a whole is that the original images and the original quotes retain their original properties. We easily recognise the heavy Pantheon section as the section of Pantheon only multiplied into a weightless space station.

An Atlas of Imagination is a mixture with clearly distinguished parts and joints, not a compound with differences that are blurred and obfuscated. The parts are not sacrificed for the sake of the whole, but they interfere in accordance with a certain tectonic order.


Moreover, the resulting montages recall some real architectural collages, surprisingly uncovering the origins of things and the hidden relationships between them.

All images published in: He won competitions and constructed buildings for public and private purposes, lectured and exhibited internationally, including the Venice Biennale in A Venture in Modern Architecture Berlin: Jovis, and Middle East: Transfer is a nonprofit organization which welcomes private or institutional donations to support the production and distribution of original, independent and galofzro architectural knowledge, addressed to a creative global audience.

Follow Transfer on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. An Atlas of Imagination On the outer limits of architectural production, An Atlas of Imagination presents a series of montages which may become real places and architectures. Did you enjoy this article?