DIETER BOHLEN HINTER DEN KULISSEN PDF – 10 quotes from Hinter den Kulissen: ‘I get up, Ich finde, genauso ist es mit seinem Buch. Buy Prozent Anders: Mein Leben – und die Wahrheit über Modern Talking, Nora und Dieter Bohlen (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews. Dieter Bohlen · Dieter – the hits. Writer: Dieter Bohlen / Composers: Dieter Bohlen / Other contributors: Dieter Bohlen – Jeo Mezei . Hinter den Kulissen.

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Hinter den Kulissen

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Hinter den Kulissen by Dieter Bohlen

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Upon hearing the Beatles at the age of ten, he began learning guitar, later picking up keyboards as well; while studying economics at the University of Gotteingen, Bohlen played in a series of local bands, and after graduating sent out demo tapes to innumerable record companies without success.

Finally, in he hinte offered work writing and producing material for the Hamburg-based label Intersong, and in the years to follow he helmed a prolific body of music under a variety of pseudonyms including Steve Benson, Ryan Simmons, Sunday and Countdown G.

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