serbian language Pisac: GRUPA AUTORA Izdavač: JUGOSLOVENSKI LEKSIKOGRAFSKI ZAVOD Zagreb Izdanje: Povez: TVRDI Strana: STR. Buy Enciklopedija likovnih umjetnosti by Leksikografski Zavod FNRJ Zagreb ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Enciklopedija likovnih umjetnosti. /​ [Glavni redaktor: Andre Mohorovičić]. Other Authors. Mohorovičić, Andro, (ed.) Jugoslavenski leksikografski zavod.

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Enciklopedija likovnih umjetnosti Encyclopaedia of Fine ArtsVol. Na Zapadu se ova umjetnost pojavljuje u U islamskoj umjetnosti se ne pojavljuje monumentalna skulptura. Commons ima datoteke na temu: He was born in Cavtat, near Dubrovnik on July 4, Unharmed saint woman prophesizes ecniklopedija to the Church after the death of the pagan emperors Diocletian and Maximilian, and she receives the communion wafer, 8.

He found a sponsor in the person of Medo Pucic, a poet who recommended him to the archbishop Strossmayer, a very famous and influential Croatian at that time. Islamska kaligrafija je termin koji koristimo za kaligrafiju na arapskom jeziku i drugim jezicima koji koriste arapsko pismo.

Enciklopedija Likovnih Umjetnosti

He finished his education in At the age of eleven his uncle took him to the United States where he spent four hard years as his uncle soon died. In and he spent longer periods in England working as a portrait painter.


Catalog of the Salon de ParisParis,p. The altarpiece has so far been subjected to many restoring works, which says a lot about its value. Here are some data on his life.

Of his poem on The Art of Painting enough was preserved by Pacheco to enable us to form an Opinion of the whole. There are four saints to the left and right of the crucifix.

In he came to Latin America where he worked as a letter drawer in a coach factory in Peru. On the right enciklopesija is uneasy group of apostles pushing a group of people. The images from the life of St Lucia, shown on the areas on the left and right side, are most interesting.

Simone Martini

Muraro, Michelangelo, Paolo da VeneziaMilano, He likofnih through several phases in his artistic work which differ only in way and techniques but not in comprehension and relation to painting. Lucia kneeling in front of the grave of St Agatha praying for the health of her mother, 2.

On leaving the university, he went to Rome, where he became the pupil and friend of Federigo Zuccaro, under whose direction he studied particularly the works of Raphael and of Michelangelo.


S Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije.

Ružić, Branko | Hrvatska enciklopedija

The crucified Christ shows a pronounced agonized painful appearance, a calm half-dead look on his face, while his followers show a silent stiffness under the green wall of Jerusalem, which is a common scene in the Byzantine painting.

Na drugim projektima Wikimedia Commons. It is esteemed the best didactic verse in Spanish; and it has been compared, not disadvantageously, with the Georgics. Allah Tevhid Muhammed Poslanici u islamu.

With regard to his painting “Isus prijatelj malenih” it is one of 32 paintings exhibited in the Paris period. It contains a glowing eulogy of Michelangelo, and some excellent advice enxiklopedija young painters, insisting particularly on hard work and enciklopexija the study of nature. The Cavtat period is characterized by his searching for new means of expression and new coloristic solutions. There is no religious motive there. Preuzeto iz ” https: Cabal who was a representative of the Paris academism.

Ova stranica je posljednji put izmijenjena na datum 16 maj u