Epifanes Clear Varnish is a high gloss marine varnish for use on wood. This is a true spar varnish containing an exceptionally high percentage of solids and UV. Epifanes clear marine spar varnish is renowned for its gloss finish and offers superior protection in all climates. Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is compatible with most other types of one- component alkyd or urethane based varnishes and over two-component varnishes.

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Epifanes Gloss Clear Marine Varnish

Ultra High Gloss Epifands Spray viscosity 18 – 22 seconds Din Cup 4, 14 – 18 seconds Ford Cup 4. Kutter Western PA Easy to work with, looks great and gives a brilliant shine that protects and lasts a long time. Let it dry completely, Sand with steel wool or scotchbrie pad.

Keeps gelling from happening for awhile. What you want spread without runs. Bare wood must be dry and free of contamination. Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd resins and U. What would be the suggested process, grits of paper and compound?

It is more based on the material you are applying it to as to how absorbent it is. Anywhere a deep high gloss finish is desired. The item was added claer your wishlist. Recommended for interior or exterior use on new or bare wood above the waterline as well as a maintenance finish on existing varnish systems.


Application on new wood: Sand the bare wood to a fresh surface with 60 – 80 grit dry abrasive epifaned with the grain of the wood. This product can not be over coated at this rate. Clear Gloss Varnish Faster build-up, longest lasting! Do not color the varnish itself as this will create vsrnish muddy appearance. Andy You can use this on the floor.

We also sell Bloxygen, which is eplfanes in a spray can, that is meant to displace the air in the can, and prevent oxidation–it’s odd because it feels so light that you would think the whole can would float in air. Jim the gardener Baltimore MD Don’t know why but this took an awful long time to dry. Tom Woodbridge, Va Again, first time using this product.

Epifanes Clear Varnish

Gerry Yes, it can be wet sanded and buffed. My Account Wish List Checkout: Color Pigment for Epoxy by EcoPoxy. Allow each coat 24 hours to cure and lightly sand each coat with grit dry abrasive sandpaper.

Yes, it can be wet sanded and buffed. Epifanes Spray Thinner by Epifanes. Superior flow, gloss and durability.


Used the clear, gloss varnish on two garage doors. The sun light does not cause any discoloration. Because of its exceptional flow, superior gloss and depth, optimum weather durability, water resistance and gloss retention, this varnish is internationally acknowledged to be the finest clear finish attainable. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is compatible with most other types epifxnes one-component alkyd or urethane based varnishes and over two-component varnishes. TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish.

For long lasting protection of all marine or household woods. Being proactive by fixing any scratches or damaged areas that come up sooner than later will help preserve them better, and maintain better service life of the varnish.

Clear High Gloss Marine Varnish – Epifanes

Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, epifanees protection, face protection, and a proper respirator. Not sure if you could add a little stain in the varnish or not. Apply one or two coats every year.

I believe you can do what you describe. Don’t know why but this took an awful long time to dry.