Click on an item name to download the corresponding HyperMesh model. Note that you’ll need HyperMesh or later to open these files. Can’t find what you’re . Altair Proprietary and Confidential Information. Geometry Meshing. • Start of HyperMesh and automatically mesh of geometry. RADIOSS: chose “Block51”. wd. Acquired Software. -. Installation Performed y: 1. Software Name: Altair HyperMesh. Project Number: Date: ‘\ \fi-z’. \ ‘n:@ (1 c,. Software Version: 9.

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Nodes will continue to be written in command format until a future release. The open-systems design of the HyperWorks platform allows engineers to seamlessly work with any CAD solution, any solver, and any pre- and post-processing environment. You can use options such as color by properties.

Altair Releases HyperWorks | The Engineer The Engineer

License Manager supports the platforms supported by all Altair products, including HyperWorks. Note that this is different than being in the same directory, although by default all of the Altair supplied startup scripts set their current hypermesu directory to where the license file is before starting lmgrd.

As part of the license agreement that enables partner software to be used, product usage data must be sent to Altair. Global distribution of HyperWorks 9. Added manual URT option: On Windows, the GUI for lmtools ignores the following environment variables when launching lmgrd: A new set of global license features has been added: License Manager has its own package and is not bundled with the HyperWorks application packages.

Previously, point load applied on nodes rotated to local systems was not properly handled. All issues related to this have been corrected. ANSYS solver does not support any formula for sets.


To run the job on cores requires GridWorks units. For more information on this company click here To add your company click here. Licensing System – Installation, Hardware, and Invoking.

This format has been implemented for elements, sets, and properties. A new tool has been added in the Ansys utility menu that automatically generates ANSYS surface-to-surface contact elements.

With a 20year plus track record for enterprise analytics, product development, and advanced computing, Altair consistently delivers a competitive advantage to customers in a broad range of industries. HyperGraph and HyperView post-processing applications now export directly to Office applications, as well. The usage log files that are generated are in plain text.

Ready to use 3D Models

HyperWorks is an enterprise simulation platform to support product lifecycle management PLM processes. The current license can be obtained from the Hyperworks support site. This tool lists all types of contact definitions present in the model. For a complete listing of all 9. As one of the most comprehensive CAE solutions in the industry, HyperWorks provides a tightly integrated suite of best-in-class tools for modeling, analysis, optimization, visualization, reporting and performance data management.

Beginning in HyperWorks 9. Issues related to the Convert panel on the Tool page have been fixed.

Available Product Updates

Contact summary in script format is available. Built on a foundation of design optimization, performance data management and process automation, HyperWorks is an enterprise simulation solution for rapid design exploration and decision-making.

Different formula options can still be used to create node and element sets. If launching new HyperWorks applications by the same Hy;ermesh causes licenses to be drawn from a license pool other than the one previously checked out perhaps because the first license pool has run out of licensesadditional HyperWorks units are checked out from the second license pool, thus stacking the licenses.

New Capabilities and Functionality. New element configurations have been added to the special second order element creation macro. This limitation occurs due to the following FLEXlm characteristics: Hypermezh is a limitation on HyperWorks leveling when working with multiple license pools. Note that properties still attach to the components as in earlier releases. The lmborrow option used to borrow mobile licenses only works for products that do not stack licenses.


For more information on the HyperWorks 9.

HyperWorks Product Updates

As a workaround, start lmgrd from the command line. Major benefits of the block format are:. For a tri-server redundancy licensing setting, it is recommended that all three servers are physically located close to each other, and on the same subnet. Firmly committed to an open-systems philosophy, Altair HyperWorks continues to lead the industry with the broadest interoperability to commercial CAD and CAE solutions. The tracking features listed in the hypermedh file are now required to launch a HyperWorks application.

Extended Interoperability and Microsoft Office Integration.

Each license pool functions independently of other license pools and cannot communicate with any hypermesy license pool. Once a pair is accepted, auto generated property and material cards are attached hgpermesh the pair and this information is added in the Contact Manager table.

Optimization and data management advancements include: The release of HyperWorks 9. Result types such as magnetic field intensity, magnetic flux, magnetic vector potential, current densities, and magnetic forces are now supported.

The tracking feature has been changed from RadiossB to RadiossA. On windows, set the services startup directory to that location. For more information, please visit www. Show and reverse normal is also possible at any time.