The Thing About the Truth by Lauren Barnholdt – In this humorous love story from the author of Two-way Street, an unlikely romance is the best sort of. THE THING ABOUT THE TRUTH by Lauren Barnholdt Although the chaotic aftermath is detailed early on, Barnholdt’s snappy dialogue and. The Thing About the Truth. by Lauren Barnholdt. Kelsey’s not going to let one mistake ruin her life. Sure, she got kicked out of prep school and.

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I really liked this style because a not a lot of books are told this way and b it made it feel like a t. They made a cute couple, when they got along.


We see a budding relationship of two great people that was destroyed by a lie. Especially when it comes to Isaac.

I would not call it insta-love, but it was not slowburn and explored. Why would she spend that much time on writing about Dave-Chloe-Marsh and just leave it abouh she did? I don’t mind an ending left a little open for you to decide for yourself which way the characters go but this felt almost as thf parts of the plot were left unresolved.

The girl did something that made my jaw drop.

I loved the characters and their interactions with each other. Read more reviews like this at http: I want to let everyone in this know, if you read this book, do not judge it by the cover, judge it by the May 04, M rated it did not like it.

I love this book so much that I am not going to admit how upsetting it is that the “villain” not really but I can’t think of anything else to call her has my name.


The Thing About the Truth

I was so confused about Face It Down Day. I understood why he acted out, why he was arrogant. One minute, they’re all about hating on each other, and suddenly they’re kissing.

I was expecting something bigger, and more of a dilemma that leaves your mouth hanging for about an hour, or two To me, the dilemma that the author created, was a little bit childish, And if I really wanted to read a book like that, I would The thing about the truth was an unexpected choice for me… It was a very promising book, with good plot, and likeable barnholxt characteristics… It’s just that the ending barrnholdt a BIG disappointment, and the main problem that you eventually find out about was blemish….

One of my laurren things about life yes LIFE are the contemporary YA writers that put out great book after great book. One of those things barnyoldt that the story went back and forth between the two characters as well as told the story before and after the incident.

Many of the secondary characters seem to exist purely as window dressing for the angst between Isaac and Kelsey. Kelsey isn’t blond and Issac isn’t brunette. I suppose I was expecting her to have some bigger secrets in her closet than the one she did.

Yeah, not so exciting barnhoodt dramatic. Honestly, I didn’t mind that the characters were a bit flat and sometimes one dimensional. I get that she got her heart broken though she wouldn’t have gotten over is so fast is that was really the truthbut why get all emotional with no reason and lie about losing your virginity?

She was walking slowly, slightly unsteady on her non-designer heels and swinging a bought on consignment Kate Spade purse in her left hand. The romance was cute and sweet, but I saw it coming from a mile away. There’s this entire build-up we’ve been waiting for, and then it’s over.


Mais ce n’est pas tout. Kelsey Romando was the worst character out of the two of them with her trying to be a good student at the public school. Barnholdt’s previous book, Sometimes It Happens, while shrugging off infidelity as no big deal, was a step above this one.

Sure Kelsey beats the mess out of an almost-award-winning smart car tha First of all I was completely intrigued with the description of this book and the cover so I immediately added it to my wishlist. To ask other readers questions about The Thing About the Truthplease sign up. The characters were interesting, even if the style of writing threw me off at first. Wow, way to stand up for women Lauren. It really brought my liking and my rating of this book wayyy down.

I honestly knew what was going to happen when I was only halfway done the book.

The Thing About the Truth | Book by Lauren Barnholdt | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

You’re reading all of the characters thoughts and everything that they feel. What principal is going to sit there and think, yes, I want to hear this story of how these two students fell in love, this is the best use of my time.

I was barnholrt entertained while reading this novel and I didn’t want to put it down!